KIDS Established in 2007 as well established  manufacturer of valves and pipe fittings for applications in building services and industries related to chilled water systems, potable water, other water distribution systems and crude oil, …etc.

The KIDS Brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and service to the highest standard, and has industry experiences in many sectors including heating and ventilation, chemicals, and water system.

KIDS can supply a skillfully engineered solutions for every application. Flagship products include a full range of commissioning valves suitable for static and dynamic flow systems.

Quality control and inspections at all the stages of manufacture to ensure that KIDS Products are manufactured with the related standards and to assure their suitability to use for the intended application and will provide the best reliable service.

All KIDS Products are manufactured under ISO9001:2015 Certificate. In addition, the products has been certified and/or listed by third party organizations such as ICIM-Italy, RTM Breda –Italy, and Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) in United Kingdom.


Our range of valves and accessories are available from DN15 to DN2000 (depends on valve type and application), the material of construction for the products are in cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, DZR Brass, Brass….., etc., in a variety of alloys, trims, configuration, pressure classifications (PN16, PN20, and PN25), other higher pressure rating are available upon request.

KIDS  Products are engineered and manufactured to stringent internationally approved and recognized accreditation. All valves are manufactured in accordance to the relevant British and Europe Standards (BS and EN). KIDS is also provide specific rang of valves for public health usage, these products are certified by WRAS-UK and RTM Breda-Italy.

Our priority and emphasis is on quality and efficiency of our products. To this end all our products undergo individual and rigorous testing in accordance with its relevant product standard.

All products are subject to random test at the manufacturer’s facilities in Italy and worldwide in accordance with EN12266-1 prior to dispatch.